Virus/Adware Protection

 Today, a computer worm or virus can arrive on anyone’s machine through e-mail, networks, Internet, pirated software, shared or downloaded files and other media. The importance of virus protection should not be understated. The threat from viruses can range from annoying pop up messages in your e-mail to outright destruction of all your data. To help combat that threat, Bay Area Systems can help you put together a sophisticated proactive anti-virus strategy.

If you suspect your computer has been infected with a virus you should do the following:

  1. Shut down your computer immediately. If it is absolutely necessary for you to continue working with your computer, disconnect it from your network.
  2. Contact Bay Area Systems at 1 (415) 397 2702 , our IT consultant will help you immediately.

Bay Area Systems consultant can clean/remove the virus/spyware from your computer or network, restore normal operation, and setup anti-virus, anti-spyware application to protect the computer from these threats.