Data Backup/Protection

Data Backup/Protection

 Data is at the center of business. Data contains information such as customer database, employee information, marketing material, business process and procedures, production, accounting, inventory and supplies. Just about any information about your business can be data stored in some form of electronic media. Backing up your crucial business data is a way of protecting your business. Data loss can happen in a number of different ways, including

  1. Physical component failure due to power outage or aging hardware
  2. Human error or deliberate sabotage
  3. Computer virus/spyware
  4. Environmental disasters such as fire, flooding, earth quake, etc.

The scale of data loss can vary, but any instance will adversely impact the operation of your business.

We have successfully helped small/medium sized businesses safeguard their data using:

  • Develop custom backup plans
  • Schedule automated data backup
  • Monitor back tasks
  • Periodic test/restore backup files
  • External Harddrive
  • Off-site data storage
  • Online backup solutions
  • Tape Backup