Free Help on Move/Setup IT

In light of the increasing economic pressure on small businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bay Area Systems, Inc. recognized that many small businesses are changing locations in order to be closer to their client-base, as well as cut down on office rental cost. In order to minimize impact on productivity during the move, careful IT planning is paramount. 

Bay Area Systems, Inc. is well positioned to offer San Francisco Bay Area small businesses a thorough, carefully planned, and seamlessly executed IT move plan that can minimize downtime, and make the office move as smooth as well as cost effective as possible. Bay Area Systems, starting April 1st 2016, is offering a free initial on-site consultation to San Francisco Bay Area small businesses planning to move offices within the next six months.

The free, up to two-hour on-site consultation (a $500 value) will offer understanding and insight to the existing IT infrastructure, bring up questions and potential issues with current as well as new office space, and offer potential upgrade solutions to address inadequate IT infrastructure. From cost-effective yet speedy ISP selection, to server room cooling solutions, off-site emails and files hosting options, systems and data backups, to setting up a complete cloud-based work environment with virtual servers and workstations, Bay Area Systems, Inc.’s solutions and willingness to operate during weekends and/or public holidays could drastically reduce office productivity downtime during work days, and also provide alternate email/file access if/when physical office space is not available.

Bay Area Systems’ experience in helping clients move to new offices, and at the same time upgrade/improve/transfer existing IT infrastructure has helped many Bay Area small businesses stay operational during stressful times. An operational small business means an operational accounts receivable, minimum downtime for accounts receivable means maximized operational funding and bottom line for small businesses. As a small business, Bay Area Systems understands the needs and operational principle of small business owners, and offer our expertise and experience in making the transition as painless as possible.

Bay Area Systems, Inc. has provided cost-effective computer systems and network support and services to small businesses all around the San Francisco Bay Area for over twelve years. Bay Area Systems, Inc. have become a pioneer in providing customized technology solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and improve bottom line of small businesses. Bay Area Systems’ business model is based on their passion to provide the best customer service experience in the industry, and building long-term business relationship with their customers.