IT Project Management


Since the earliest days of the computer industry, experience has shown that managing software projects is a complex and demanding activity. Repeated studies have shown that management problems remain one of the top two or three causes of difficulties in, or even outright failure of, software development projects. This fact has remained unchanged even as the technology used to design, implement, and deploy software systems has undergone rapid and widespread evolution. Likewise, the importance of software project management has been unaffected by changes in the business and structural models employed by both industries and individual companies. Thus, while the fundamental issues of software project management have consistently exerted an influence on the success of product developments, the same mistakes are repeated:

* Requirements are unclear at the beginning of projects and are not managed during the project.
* Project planning is incomplete or not done at all.
* Management of the project is weak or arbitrary.
* Underlying and supporting processes needed to perform the technical work are often ignored.
* It seems individual companies and software managers have had to relearn these same lessons.

Excerpt from The Project Manager’s Guide to Software Engineering’s Best Practices, by Mark J. Christensen, Richard H.Thayer

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