Computer Network Design and Setup

 Just started a company or moved into a new office? Have an older network that needs upgrade or performance tuning? Your current network doesn’t fit your current need? No matter what kind of computer network help you need, we have the knowledge, skill and resource to help you. For more information on how a computer network will increase your productivity, read our Computer Network and How It Can Increase Your Productivity white paper. Contact us now and see how we can improve/increase productivity for your company.

What’s a computer network?

Computer network can be defined as “A set of computers that are connected and able to exchange data”. In a typical office environment, a local area network (LAN) is usually set up to allow data exchange and resource sharing (such as files, printers, fax modem, scanner, Internet broadband access) between computers.

What kind of benefit do I get from a computer network?

There are numerous benefits a computer network can bring to a business.

  • File Sharing: Computer files can be stored centrally, therefore multiple staff can work on one single copy and responsibility can be delegated (faxing, mailing, printing, etc.). Store computer files on one place will also make data backup easier, more reliable and cost efficient.
  • Internet Sharing: If you have a broadband Internet connection, setting up a LAN will allow the entire office to access the Internet concurrently. Everyone can exchange message, do research, monitor business development, and fully realize the benefit of Internet at any time.
  • Resource Sharing: Printers, fax modems and scanners (depends on model and other factors) can be shared across the network. For example, a high speed high quality printer can be shared by the entire office, allowing you to reduce cost while increase quality of output (printout, fax result, etc.).
  • Data Sharing: Certain applications such as accounting, scheduling, contact management, as well as billing software, allows user to setup a central data repository for multiple computer access. Once the repository is setup, multiple computers can view and modify the same set of data. Data sharing increase work efficiency, allow faster decision making, and let you have a better view of the status of the business.
  • Security: When setup properly with role-based security, office users will be able to access only resources relevant to his/her job functions. In addition, users can log in at any workstation and continue his/her work, minimizing downtime and loss of productivity due to a failed workstation.

What kind of network do I need?

A wired network requires Network Interface Card (NIC) on each computer. A network cable then connects each computer to a network switch or router. Wire network offers the best reliability and security. Most wired networks have speed of either 10, 100 or 1000 Mbps (mega bits per second). Today’s computer networks should operate at a minimum of 100Mbps. If you experience constant network performance problem, you may have a slow network.

Wireless network is gaining popularity as its speed approaches wired network and the cost of equipment decreases. Wireless network requires a wireless router and wireless NIC on each computer. 802.11b and 802.11g are the most common standards. 802.11b offers speed up to 11Mbps and 802.11g offers speed up to 54Mbps. Most wireless routers allow installation professional to setup encryption key to protect the communication between the router and computers. Wireless network uses radio frequency technology to transmit data and therefore network speed depends on the physical environment and configuration. Wireless network offers the versatility that a wired network cannot provide. For places that a network cable cannot or is hard to reach (due to cost or other obstacles), wireless network maybe the sensible choice.

BayArea Systems can help setup or optimize your computer network!

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