Flat Rate Plan

 Flat Rate IT support Plan with fixed monthly fee services aims to help keep small business IT budgets under control, allowing select customers with virtually unlimited IT support options.

Through years of professional experience and innovation, Bay Area Systems have found ways to manage, maintain, and service IT infrastructure through careful planning and efficient implementation. Bay Area Systems’ confidence in our ability to provide the best solutions to our customers resulted in the new offer of “flat-rate IT support services solutions”.

Flat Rate IT support Plan will provide San Francisco Bay Area small business customers with a peace of mind as the plans are clear, with no hidden strings or surprises. Customers can rest assured knowing that they are paying the same monthly fee whether an issue takes two hours to fix, or ten hours to resolve, resulting a fixed budgeting for the entire year. In addition, through assumption of these risks by Bay Area Systems, customers will be sure to receive the most efficient and cost-effective solutions, which in turn reduces downtime and improves productivity, allowing customers to focus on revenue generation for their businesses.

Flat Rate IT support Plan provide options to customers with unlimited phone support, unlimited email support, unlimited Remote Access support in most cases, and in select plans, unlimited on-site support as well as options for after-hours, weekend and holiday support services. In most cases, customers will not incur any additional fees on top of the monthly subscription fees. Businesses can now spend the necessary time on proactive maintenance, ensure smooth operations for critical IT infrastructure, result in fewer problems, and reducing the number of reactive activities.