Network Security

 Network security is often ignored by its administrator(s). Very often, network security does not even exist. For example, inside a typical office, the local computer network usually allows one user to easily access another user’s machine using well-known security holes, shared computer resource and default settings. However, most employees do not need access to each other’s computers and/or files, especially the HR, Accounting department’s data.

This security oversight means that, should an external hacker break into a computer on to network, the hacker can then access the rest of the internal network freely. This would enable the attacker to read and possibly leak confidential documents, email, database and other information. He/she can also crash/destroy computers, leading to loss of information; and more. The hacker can also use your network and network resources to turn around and start attacking other sites, that when discovered and traced might also have legal implications to you and your company.

Most attacks, against known exploits, could be easily prevented and stopped by administrators if they are kept up-to-date on the vulnerability; and implement network security accordingly. BayArea Systems can help you to protect your network and important data. Call us now at 1 (415) 397-2702 to schedule an appointment.